Threat to Seas is Threat to Humans! Save Philippine the Seas!

The coral reefs are home to millions of marine living things. And the Philippines is among the countries to have the most abundant and most diverse underwater ecosystems on the planet. These underwater environs are very essential that they are known as the rainforests and sanctuaries of the oceans. However, just like our forests, marine life is in grave danger. In fact, half of the world’s corals has already been wiped out. And the rest could become extinct in about a few decades more if we do not take proper action.

And here’s the disappointing part. Of all the marine life species, corals are among largest and most valuable in the market. A large number of species of corals are marketed worldwide as jewelries, accessories and other forms of decorative products.

The Threat to the Seas is a Threat to Humans

If the coral reefs disappear, not only we lose a source of amazing diversity and beauty but we also lose a barrier that regulates the waves produced by hurricanes and tsunamis. And more importantly, we lose fish sanctuaries that feed billions of people worldwide and generate millions of jobs and livelihood via the fishing industries.

Everything in this world is interconnected. We are a large network. Every living creature in this planet is a part of who we are. Whether on land, air or water, we are all one superb and sacred creations. By saving our seas, we are also saving ourselves.

Let's make every day a Save Philippine Seas DaySave our coral reefs and seas before it is too late! Save the Philippine Seas!

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