Holy Week Getaway Up North

I am excited for the Holy Week break because my friends and I agreed to spend the holiday on the road. We will head up north of the country and go hiking on the famous Banaue Rice Terraces.

Well, I have to pack things up in a while as we will be leaving later tonight. I have to bring a lot of summer clothes because right after we've been to Banaue, our final destination would be a beach somewhere in La Union. We will also go to Sagada which is known for its breath-taking virgin caves and pine forests.

Well for now, I have to window shop online for some new men's clothes that I will need for the holy week. I have this all-time favorite clothes store that has categorized items and a style guide, making it easy to look for clothes. What I like about it is its user-friendly interface which makes it easily accessible for anyone regardless of age and internet know-how.

I have to go now and prepare. Have a meaningful Holy Week everyone!